Welcome to Cha Mediation Services

Value Proposition

Cha Mediation Services, founded by Mediator and former labor and employment attorney Phillip K. Cha, is dedicated to serving the legal community by providing value-based mediation services in employment and business disputes.  The Cha Mediation Services value proposition consists of the following:

  • Competitive flat rates.
  • Half-day mediations upon request.
  • Post-mediation follow-up at no additional charge.
  • In-depth subject matter expertise in the labor and employment law practice area.
  • Familiarity with the cultural dynamics in litigation involving the Asian-American community.

Cha Mediation Services Pledge

I cannot guarantee that your case will settle, but I pledge to do the following in every matter:

  • Be prepared
  • Work hard
  • Listen
  • Be fair and impartial
  • Feel invested in resolving your dispute
  • Facilitate open, candid communication
  • Be generous with my time before, during and after the mediation
  • Maintain a professional demeanor
  • Be open minded
  • Be flexible
  • Be respectful of all parties and counsel
  • Build trust and rapport  


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